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14 Foot Trampoline with Enclosure

14 Foot Trampoline with Enclosure

14 Foot Trampoline with Enclosure

A 14 foot trampoline with enclosure is very large trampoline size, here’s a high quality range to read through on what’s currently available in the UK for your family.

A 14 foot trampoline is a fantastic size for any children, especially for the age of 10 upwards. They have an immense amount of bouncing space and can easily allow two children on the trampoline at the same time. This size of trampoline allows for hours of fun and enjoyment with the family, friends and overall exciting outdoor play.

We do recommend only one child or adult on a 14 foot trampoline at one time. This size of trampoline can be purchased from many individual trampoline retailers such as Madfun and Smths Toys but also highstreet brand names including Argos, Asda and Tesco.

Within this article we have review’s and links below each, where you can read more and purchase each trampoline.

14ft BERG Grey Round Favourit Regular 430 Trampoline

The high quality BERG 14 Foot Trampoline with Enclosure side photo

BERG offer a range of trampolines such as this very large 14ft round trampoline with it’s self-closing entrance for additional safety and peace of mind for parents.

Side frame of the 14 Foot Trampoline with Enclosure BERG brand

It comes with BERG’s Solo Gold Spring System which provides a fantastic combination of strength and flexibility from a trampoline that offers a total jump area of 103 (sq .ft) or 9.6 (sq. m).

If you are looking for a large trampoline but also provides the ability for all the family to use, this has a maximum user weight of 19 stone or 120kg. With this max weight ability, all children and most adults can enjoy the thrill of outdoor trampolining fun and the exercise benefits this exercise provides.

A total of 96 springs with a length of 7.5” (19cm) connect to the bed and provide a brilliant bounce using the GoldSpring Solo springs. These springs connect to the bed using triangular eyes that have been stitched 8 times for superior strength.

Strength of a trampoline is incredibly important, so it’s great to see that BERG have galvanised the frame giving it added durability and a longer life. This galvanisation means it is less likely to be effected by rust and corrode which would result in weakness of the streel frame which could happen on cheaper trampolines.

It’s worth noting, the InGround variation of this trampoline uses a sunk in the ground design and comes with short legs.

Around the edge of this 14ft trampoline is a 38cm wide protective edge which has been designed to overlap the springs and ensure they are covered. This ensures that they are out of reach from children and less likely to cause injury but also help to soften any falls into the tubular frame used in this design.

Going back to the InGround version, this comes with a net which attaches to the protective edge and helps to ensure children, animals and toys can get under the trampoline.

Frame MaterialAluminium
Weight2.27 Kilograms
Wheel Size120 Millimetres
Batteries Included?No
Maximum User Weight50 Kilograms
Product Dimensions60.96 x 8.89 x 20.32 cm; 2.33 Kilograms
Date First On Sale29th July 2021
Amazon ReviewsOver 85


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14ft Salta Green Round Comfort Edition Trampoline and Enclosure

A lovely design, this 14ft Salta round trampoline is great for large gardens. We recommend you have 20ft available in your garden so there can be a 3ft gap between the trampoline and any objects or hazards near the trampoline to avoid and collisions or injuries.

The Salta Comfort Edition trampoline is a large trampoline and what you get for the price is superb. Available in green, black and even pink this has been designed for maximum choice to Salta customers. With a 2 year warranty on the frame, netting and trampoline bed this will stead you will for many years to come of fun in the back garden.

With a total jump area of 113 sq. ft. / 10.5 sq. m this is great for children or any age and adults up to 18 stone or 120kg so the whole family can join in in not just fun but a great way to exercise in your back garden. The bed itself is made from a heavy duty polypropylene material will not wear out, tear or disintegrate under sunlight (Ultra Violet light).

With a total of 80 springs each with a length of 5.5” (14cm) this gives a brilliant bounce with the top rail holding the safety netting in place to prevent either children or adults from falling off and possibly injuring themselves.

Each of the Salta trampolines including this model has passed very stringent safety testing before being released on sale to you and other families throughout the UK and Worldwide.

Strength of the frame is very important to take not just the maximum weight specified about but the continued use a trampoline can have all year around. This is why the frame has been galvanised to give this extra strength but also aimed to eliminate rust over time. The frame itself once galvanised has been given a black glossy coating which looks excellent, gives modern look and use for years to come.

The safety top ring gives the netting its elegant shape and pleasing to the eye as you can see, the netting being a soft fine meshed mesh which keeps its tightness throughout and when children or adults fall into it. The safety passing included is 20mm thick and 29cm wide and gives protection from the frame but even more importantly, covers the double galvanised conical springs which will last you years to and keep their durability.

This shielding away with the padding means they are out of reach from children’s fingers so again, safe from any metal catching or pinching to occur. Finally on the subject of safety, this Salta 14ft trampoline comes with a double sided zipped incorporated into the netting to seal it when in use. This gives easy access and exit but also peace of mind whoever is jumping is safe and not going to fall through a hole in the netting to the ground.

Braking TypeFront Braking
StylePower Core E90 Green
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Weight9.3 Kilograms
Material TypeAluminium
SeasonsAll Year Round
Wheel Size15 Centimeters
Included Components1 x Razor Powercore E90 Scooter
Batteries Included?Yes
Maximum User Weight54 Kilograms
DepartmentsOutdoor Toys
Product Dimensions81 x 33 x 84 cm; 9.6 Kilograms

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14ft TP Genius Round Blue Trampoline

This 14ft Trampoline from TP with its enclosure and blue colour scheme as you can see has a stylish look and IGLOO entrance for that little extra fun for the children. To finish off the design, it has been given a black finish which looks excellent in contrast to the blue frame.

It even comes with an included ladder but not only that, a cover and shoe store to. Many trampoline brands do not even include a ladder so to see all three of these accessories included is terrific and saves you looking to spend out on the extra cost.

The ladder itself is very important as this allows children to climb up on to their outdoor toy with easy and less likely to fall backwards. The cover will help to prolong the life of your trampoline and protect it not just from rain, dirt, dust, twigs but also animals both your domestic pets but also wildlife.

TP are extremely proud and confidence with their trampoline range that this 14ft blue garden trampoline comes with a very long 10 year warranty. Again this is excellent compared to other brands that may have a warranty anywhere from 1 to 5 years in general.

Being a huge 14ft trampoline, this gives you a total jump area of 113.1 (Sq. ft.) or 10.5 (Sq. m) with the bed made from a quality permatron material. The bounce itself is produced with the bed along with the 88 which are all 7” in long (17.8cm).

Not only is this is a very large trampoline and long warranty but it also has a strong maximum user weight of 21 stone or 145kg.

As with trampolines that have a weight over 100kg as this does, this means adults can enjoy the thrill of bouncing on this as well as children but please, only one individual on the trampoline at once for safety reasons.

At the time of writing, this is available from Madfun.co.uk who are the first retailer in the UK to offer this awesome trampoline.

There are many features as you can see but this also has TP’s Genius SurroundSafe which encases the springs inside the trampoline and completely out of reach of children’s fingers. This additional feature is a patent of TP so you will not find this on any other brand of trampoline.

Finally, the top rail has been given safety padding to for those who can jump high and to protect them from the metal frame. When testing, this was given a thorough 1 million cycles which passed easily and also the same for their 10ft and 12ft trampoline.

Features –

  • SurroundSafe Enclosure
  • IGLOO Zip Entrance Door Entry
  • Included Ladder
  • Included Cover
  • Included Show tidy
  • Frame Warranty 10 years.
Jump Area95.90 (Sq.ft) or 8.91 (Sq.m)
Ladder IncludedNo
Cover IncludedNo
Number of Springs72
Maximum User Weight23 Stone or 150kg
Frame Warranty1 Year
Spring Warranty1 Year
Pad Warranty1 Year
Net Warranty1 Years
Bed Warranty1 Year

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