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14ft trampoline with Enclosure

The Best 14ft Trampoline with Enclosure

Best 14ft Trampoline with Enclosure?

The Best 14ft Trampoline with Enclosure Range

Is a 14 foot trampoline big enough?

A 14ft trampoline is a large sized trampoline and more than enough for children over the age of 10, providing a large amount of space for bouncing and any gymnastic and acrobatics moves they wish to perform.

Please bear in mind, it is highly recommended only one children to jump on a trampoline at once time to avoid collisions even though a 14ft trampoline is big enough for more than one child at the same time.

The space required in your garden to fit a 14ft trampoline is around 24ft in total. This to give a 5ft buffer around the diameter for safety, the netting will stretch to do not stand it near any hazards. Also, when children are climbing on and off a trampoline you need this space in the event of them falling, which is why we recommend a trampoline ladder to be used.

Lastly, when choosing a 14ft trampoline please chose a high quality brand we have researched on Simplyfun. All trampolines when new come with a safety enclosure which will also assist in preventing any children falling from their trampoline no matter how large it is.

On a side note, this is not the case for every make of trampoline but in general, a 14ft trampoline will tend to have a much higher maximum weight limit compared to smaller trampolines.

As an example the 14ft JumpPRO has a 150kg maximum limited however the Zero Gravity sticks with its generally lower 100kg.

How much space do I need for a 14 foot trampoline?

As mentioned above, you will require around 24ft of space which works out as 7.3 meters in total of space due to this being a very large trampoline in width and diameter. In feet this works out as 5ft around the dimeter for that buffer space but also means you can also move around the trampoline as it is not close up to a wall or fence.

You can measure this by placing a stick or metal pole in the ground and with string, measure out the diameter required.

By allocating this additional space, it gives the trampoline breathing space and away from hazards which include as examples, your home, caravan, walls, sheds, garages, greenhouses to even large bushes and trees.

There are 1000s of trampoline injuries each year in the UK, many of these are from more than one child on a trampoline at the same time which is not recommended but many of these are from falls from a trampoline to the ground.

What is the biggest size trampoline you can buy?

We have looked around for the biggest trampoline you can buy in the UK and we have to say, it’s the 23ft x 10ft JumpPRO Xtra Giant Black trampoline. You may find it from a range of trampoline retailers our favourite is Madfun.co.uk, here is a link to the trampoline itself –

23ft x 10ft JumpPRO™ Giant Black Rectangular Trampoline with Enclosure (JR2310B) | MadFun

JumpPRO are a very reliable and professional make of trampoline as it is but they have gone very far with this extremely large trampoline at a whopping 23ft in length. As you can see, this is a rectangular trampoline which generally tend to be larger than round trampoline especially as they are designed for a more gymnastic use but please don’t stop this from investing in such a terrific trampoline for your garden if you wish.

On Madfuns website you will see that they have actually started that this is the WORLDS LARGEST rectangular trampoline with a sleek design and a colour scheme we think you will love.

It comes with a double bounce mat for added bounce and a superb 180kg maximum user weight. As you can tell, children and adults are far from this weight so this maximum weight in a way allows more than one child or adult to bounce at the same time, bear in mind we do not recommend this as this can lead to collisions and injuries.

However the extreme amount of space gives way to an incredible area to be able to perform some awesome gymnastic and acrobatic moves without the worry about running out of room, at least via the length of the trampoline as the width is a pretty standard 10ft as many 10ft round trampolines are in themselves.

The account bounce area for all sorts of movements and exercise for whoever is trampolining at the time has a maximum area available of 182.75 (Sq. ft.) or 16.9 (Sq. m) so pretty good indeed. It even comes with a ladder to give better safety in climbing on and off this massive rectangular trampoline.

With a huge 156 springs, you will find that bouncing on this gives a solid landing and you will land where you jumped if you were to jump straight in the area. This is in comparison to a round trampoline where the way the springs work, you tend to get pushed into the middle of a round trampoline and not landed where you originally jumped from.

You can tell JumpPRO have one extremely high quality design, giving this 23ft trampoline a massive warranty on the frame being 10 years which is immense. The frame from different manufacturers tends to be 1 year, 2 years or at times 5 years but not normally 10 years.

The Zero Gravity 14ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure and FREE Ladder

Now the Zero Gravity 14ft trampoline is a low cost option in the 14ft range of trampolines, this particular one coming from Madfun.co.uk. There are so many options for all sizes of trampoline but trampolines like this that come with a ladder give that extra edge and show their dedication to the safety of your children and family.

A simple trampoline with simply features and specifications with a high quality design and build along with a grade A Parametron bounce mat. This mat material provides an area which will last years and not weaken under UV light which as we know, is sunlight.

Saying that, a huge selling point we must say is their excellent patent weldless frame. Rust as you can appreciate is a detrimental substance that when on metal will weaken it significantly. With Zero Gravity’s weldless frame, you now have a rust free option when it comes to trampolines that will last you years without weakening.

Overtime time, the mat will keep its shape, smoothness and continue to be as flexible as you would wish. Some lower cost materials could deteriorate under UV light and cause cracks and tears which could be hazardous but this is not the case with the Permatron matting.

As you may or may not be aware, every trampoline has a maximum user weight. Even though this 14ft trampoline is going to be pretty large in your garden, we still find the 100kg user weight a little low. Saying that, it is recommended that only one child or adult to bounce on a trampoline at one time so maybe the max weight being 100kg is to put off multiple children bouncing on the Zero Gravity at one time.

Moving on, this has a 113 sq. ft. / 10.5 sq. m bounce area so a great amount of space to spend hours on all the acrobatics and gymnastic moves a child wishes to practice and perform.

Zero Gravity as a company have decades of experience giving much thought into the safety enclosure which is held in place by the top ring to give its shape. The netting of course to prevent children from falling from the trampoline to the ground, with the enclosure itself having a quick release system for it to be taken down in minutes.

Even though this is a low feature trampoline it has still passed the European EN71 Safety Standards with a very impressive 500kg user weight test. This was performed via cycle testing which resulted in a superb pass with no cracking what so ever. If the frame was a standard welded frame this could have easily failed, but with the Zero Gravity Weldless design this showed to be one very very strong trampoline indeed.

Jump Area78.5 (Sq. ft.) or 7.3 (Sq. m)
Number of Springs72
Spring Length7" (17.8cm)
Bed MaterialHeavy Duty Polypropylene
Pad Thickness2cm
Frame Diameter3.8cm
Top Rail Height89cm
Max User Weight125kg or 20stone
Frame Warranty5 Years
Spring Warranty1 Year
Bed Warranty2 Years
Padding Warranty2 Years
Safety Net Warranty1 Year

The JumpPRO 14ft Xcel Black Trampoline and Safety Enclosure


The JumpPRO range always impressed us, now you have the 14ft Xcel Trampoline that has an incredible 150kg maximum user weight so 23 stone. Now we don’t advise more than one child on a trampoline at the same time, certainly no children mixed with adults as that is certainly an accident to happen.

However having a 150kg maximum user weight means adults can easily use this trampoline to join in on the family fun in the back garden, jumping and making the most of the fresh air outdoors.

With this awesome JumpPRO trampoline you get a free ladder to so not only a high spec user weight, a free ladder and one truly stylish looking design that will look great in your back garden.

Over the frame, JumpPRO have added a high quality black powder that has been melted to the frame and provides another layer of protection to the frame to give it as longer life as possible compared to bar steel frames. The power works in conjunction with the galvanised process that has also been performed on the frame.

Rust as we know is a bad thing so to have both the galvanised frame and added powder coat you have a frame that will keep its strength and not put children or adults in danger over the years compared to frames where rust could cause weakness and a hazard.

The ladder has already been mentioned but additionally you have a zipped entrance which when sealed, gives extra assistance in helping prevent the jumper from falling from the trampoline.

Finally, JumpPRO have added a range of PVC sleeves to their foam for added protection if the user of the trampoline were to collide with the frame arms. With a jumping area of 133.76 (Sq. ft.) or 12.43 (Sq. m), this gives ample space for anyone in the family to perform all sorts of jumping, spinning and acrobatics stunts.

A superb range of trampolines, this 14ft sized outdoor toy is certainly worth a look at a possible investment for your family for both fun and exercise outdoors.

The warranty for the frame is 1 year, the same as the pads and netting. However the trampoline bed itself and the springs have a 2 year warranty. Not the longest we have seen but better than some.

Who are the JumpPRO Trampoline Company?

You may be interested to know that JumpPRO themselves are run by passionate people and have a combined 40 years’ experience of designing trampolines. With feedback and research from the UK market, JumpPRO have put together their trampoline range in response to what customers were looking for. All of their trampolines have passed the latest European Safety Standards and also EN 71-1: 2014+A1: 2018, EN71-2:2011+AI:2014, EN 71-3: 2019, EN 71-14: 2018

Size9ft x 6ft
Jump Area38.92 (Sq.ft) or 3.62 (Sq.m)
Ladder Included?Yes
Cover Included?No
Number of Springs48
Maximum Weight23 Stone or 150kg
Frame Warranty1 Year
Spring Warranty2 Year
Pad Warranty1 Year
Safety Net Warranty
Bed Warranty

Plum 14ft Trampoline and Enclosure – Space Zone 2

If you have been looking at the range of trampoline sizes available you would have noticed Plum provide a superb range of trampolines including this large 14ft Space Zone 2 which adds on to their original Space Zone trampoline.

As by law, this new trampoline comes with the safety enclosure which uses their 3G patent design that gives a stylish curve and provides the maximum about of jumping space but at the same time keeping children away from the metal springs which could possibly cause injury if they were to come into contact with them and get caught.

Many trampolines including this trampoline come with a very strong galvanised frame which gives excellent strength over its lifetime and helps to minimize rust which can be very detrimental to metal as we know.

Additionally, you have zinc covered springs which give a superb bounce and all together provide hours of fun for the family. This is because the maximum user weight of this Space Zone trampoline is an excellent 20 stone or 127kg.

This means families as a whole can enjoy this trampoline and not limited to your children. However Simplyfun and trampoline manufacturer’s advice adults and children should not jump on the trampoline at one time as this can easily cause collisions and injuries.

With a full 113.1 (Sq. ft.) or 10.5 (Sq. m) of jumping space, a trampoline bed made from heavy duty Polypropylene which is an extremely high quality trampoline. Finally, you have a superb 5 year frame warranty which you do not see very regularly from a trampoline manufacturer. This shows the confidence PlumPlay have in their range of outdoor toys.

The space required for this trampoline to fully take advance of the safety is 24ft. This is because you require 14ft for the trampoline and a 5ft buffer space all around the trampoline away from any hazards. These can include and not limited to your home, caravan, cars, trees, walls, sheds, and greenhouse. Anything that could cause injury if fallen into if a child or adult were to fall from the trampoline either climbing on, off or in use.

Assembly should be a breeze as Plum provide a spring loading tool to attach the bed to the springs. This design has been tested before release to the public by simulating 1,000,000 bounces which is way over the required limits required by the European Safety Standards.

PlumPlay are a trampoline company that have over 25 years’ experience and extremely highly respected in their industry.

Bounce Area95.90 (Sq. ft.) or 8.91 (Sq. m)
Cover Included?No
Number of Springs72
Maximum Weight Limit23 Stone or 150kg
Frame Warranty1 Year
Bed Warranty2 Years
Netting Warranty1 Year
Springs Warranty2 Years
Padding Warranty1 Year

Salta Green Round Comfort Edition

A simply but popular trampoline, this 14ft Salta offers you a great looking design that will fit into your garden as its green after all, it also comes in pink but of course that won’t fit in with your gardens colour scheme but if your children love pink, then they will totally love the 14ft Salta pink trampoline indeed.

To give it a longer life, Salta have given this and their other trampolines a black coating which looks very good. This is added on top of the galvanised frame which has become standard for many trampoline manufacturers to provide you with the strongest and long lasting trampolines, especially their frames. There are a very strict list of safety requirements all new trampolines need to abide by before going on sale in the UK.

All new trampolines in the UK are by law to be sold with a trampoline enclosure and netting which all do a superb task in helping to keep children and adults on the trampoline and not fall to the ground. Even when you have a trampoline that has an average height, standing up and falling even a couple of feet could cause significant injuries.

This is why the netting and enclosure are all designed to prevent this from happening. The netting will have some give and stretch in it so please make sure there is a 5foot space all around your Salta trampoline to prevent any collisions with nearby objects and obstructions which could also cause injury.

On the trampoline itself you will find a 20mm thick and 29cm protective safety pad which also hides the spring’s way from the jumper. The springs themselves are also double galvanised for strength here to when holding the bounce mat in place and providing a fantastic bounce.

Finally, the netting we just spoke about has a zipped area to the netting which when children are on the trampoline can be sealed to give extra safety. This zip is double sided so it can be done up when children are on or even off the trampoline.

Everyone is different in age and height so all trampolines have a maximum user weight to prevent damage to the trampoline and also again, reduce the likelihood of injury if the trampoline is not strong enough. You will be pleased to hear this Salta Green trampoline has a maximum jumper weight of 120kg which is 18 stone.

This means all children and many adults can enjoy the fun on this trampoline in your back garden but please, only one person on the trampoline at one time to avoid collisions.

Jumping Area50.3 (Sq. ft.) or 4.7 (Sq. m)
Number of Springs60
Spring Length5.5" (14cm)
Bed MaterialHeavy Duty Polypropylene
Pad Thickness2cm
Frame Diameter3.8cm
Top Rail Height72cm
Maximum User Weight15stone 7 or 100kg
Frame Warranty5 Years
Spring Warranty1 Year
Bed Warranty2 Years
Safety Netting Warranty1 Year
Padding Warranty2 Years

The Plum Magnitude 14ft Trampoline and Safety Enclosure

This is pretty much a leader in the range of trampolines available in the UK with Plum being a significantly well know name and their Magnitude being extremely popular. Here you now have the 14ft version with a range of features and safety specifications for safe outdoor jumping fun for both children and adults.

You may have already looked at the Plum Magnitude if you have been researching different sizes but here’s our review of the 14ft foot which is a fantastic option for a medium to large sized garden.

An important and sought after feature is the maximum user weight. With this very strong and robust trampoline the maximum weight is an awesome 20 stone or 127kg. This as you can tell enables children of any age to jump with no limits as long as they jump along, pretty much for safety considerations.

However due to the 20 stone limit (127kg) this enables many adults to enjoy the thrill of jumping on a trampoline. As always, Simplyfun and trampoline manufactures advise that only one person to use the trampoline at once but there are so many trampoline games you can play all together with one on the trampoline and as many as you like on the ground, such as throwing the ball over the trampoline and see if they can catch it.

Anyway, back to the features and review. Plum have provided in their design their excellent quality very strong galvanised frame which will help a huge amount in reducing the rust over its lifetime. They are so proud and confident in their galvanised frame they provide a large 5 year warranty on the frame itself.

Springs come zinc coated for added bounce and strength along with the Plum patent 3G curved safety enclosure which provides optimal space for jumping but still keeps the jumper away from the metal springs that if caught on, could cause injury.

Stability is improved with Plums push button locking system for the legs with the actual assembly being an ease with the included spring loaded tool which allows you to attach the spring to the bed, then pull it easy to connect to the frame.

The space you have to jump is just great with dimensions of 113.1 (Sq. ft.) or 10.5 (Sq. m), all the parts of the trampoline working together with 80 strong springs with each being a large 7” in length.

Exercise on a plum trampoline is something all the family can enjoy, Vitamin D for sunlight is extremely beneficial to the immune system no matter what you age. Jumping on a trampoline improves children’s cardiovascular health, strength on both muscle and bone, coordination and balance so a very beneficial outdoor toy from Plum.

Size10ft x 7ft
Jump Area41.44 (Sq. ft.) or 3.85 (Sq. m)
Ladder Included?Yes
Cover Included?No
Shoe Store Included?No
Number of Springs52
Maximum Weight150kg or 23 Stone
Frame Warranty1 Year
Spring Warranty2 Years
Bed Warranty2 Years
Padding Warranty1 Year
Netting Warranty1 Year

The Salta 14ft Green Premium InGround Round Trampoline

Something completely different for you, the Salta InGround Trampoline that will fit perfectly in your garden and be much less visible so you can enjoy your garden view more without a large metal frame based trampoline blocking views.

These are extremely high quality, combined with a safety pad that has an integrated air flow system that assists in the ventilation to allow air to flow and enabling a ground bounce. The pad does not just sit in a self-dug hole but is also attached to the ground with anchors, similar to how you would anchor down a metal standing trampoline.

This awesome inground trampoline is available in two shapes, round and rectangular. Each shape provides a different characteristic in the bounce with a rectangular trampoline aimed at more gymnastic and acrobatics compared to the just overall fun and random bouncing on a round trampoline.

As you can imagine, you need some stability which is why this is tied down to stop the pad moving. It still has legs and these are also anchored to the ground to avoid it moving and giving stability when it is in use.

What we love is the springs have been given a double gold colouring and are also galvanised which means the life of the springs will be considerably longer than a standard steel set of springs.

Unfortunately Salta do not provide a cover with this which is a shame so we recommended one is purchased separately. As this is ground based, it could easily be damaged if cats, dogs or wildlife were to walk on it and possible tear the bounce mat.

The total bounce area is 113.1 (Sq. ft.) or 10.5 (Sq. m) with the maximum user weight stated by Salta as 23stone which is 150kg. This is fantastic as it allows both children and adults to use this ground based trampoline but please, not at the same time to avoid collisions and possible injuries.

A pretty good warranty, they provide a 3 years warranty on the frame which is above average compared to some other manufacturers with the trampoline bed having 2 years, the pad 2 years and the springs 1 year which is surprising as they are strengthened with galvanisation.

Who are Salta?

Salta are a trampoline company we have not spoken about much throughout SimplyExercise but they are a terrific trampoline manufacturer. A European based company and highly respected and who have been in business for many years.

Their instructions are very good on how to assemble their trampolines, very good info packed videos and a range of premium trampolines for your garden.

Plum 14ft Space Zone 2 Trampoline and Enclosure

A superb size, this is the 14ft Plum Space Zone 2 trampoline that has a maximum jump space of 113.1 (Sq. ft.) or 10.5 (Sq. m) with an high maximum weight limit of 20 stone or 127kg.

As you can tell, this means any children can bounce on this Plum Trampoline for hours at a time but also adults to. This maximum weight limit is there for a reason so please do not exceed this as this could lead to injuries due to the bedding bottoming out but also damage to your trampoline.

Plum are so proud of their trampoline range that they offer a very long 5 year warranty on the frame itself with 2 years on the bed and padding around the edge.

The bed itself is made from the increasingly popular heavy duty polypropylene which will keep its strength, durability and wonderful bounce for years to come. This heavy duty bed is connected to the springs which are a long 80 x 7” in length (17.8cm).

Padding has been provided around the edge and also protect children away from the springs with its 20mm thickness. This padding is weatherproof and overall cushions any collisions with the frame itself and away from the springs as we have mentioned.

Outdoor play is an amazing way for children to keep on top of their health in both their cardiovascular capacity but also strength increases to other skills including balance, coordination but also just overall acrobatic and possible gymnastic moves.

Plum had their original Space Zone, so you now have this Space Zone 2 14 foot trampoline which comes with a strong galvanised steel frame for prevention of rust and to keep its strength over its years of use. The springs have also been giving a high quality coating of zinc which again adds to durability and bounce.

Plum have provided excellent safety with this model as well as all of their models with a high quality enclosure and netting as it’s by law in the UK that all new trampolines are to come with its own enclosure and some kind of netting or mesh.

The frame which is galvanised comes with Plums patent Tramp Klamp encasing of the joints which adds to the protection or rust so giving a longer life and integrity to the frame.

When you are assembling this trampoline you will find the included spring loading tool they have included to pull the 7” springs from the bed to the frame with ease.

When it comes to testing before going on sale, every trampoline in the UK has to go through vigorous testing and this is also the case with this Plum Space Zone 2.

Plum ran this design through over 1,000,000 bouncing cycles which is more than the requirements ask for and it passed easily.

Bounce Area95.90 (Sq. ft.) or 8.91 (Sq. m)
Cover Included?No
Number of Springs72
Maximum Weight Limit23 Stone or 150kg
Frame Warranty1 Year
Bed Warranty2 Years
Netting Warranty1 Year
Springs Warranty2 Years
Padding Warranty1 Year

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