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Best 8FT Trampoline with Enclosures

Best 8FT Trampoline with Enclosure

8 FT Trampoline and Enclosure


Sportspower 8ft Garden Trampoline for Kids

A great first trampoline for the children, the 8ft Sportspower trampoline with included safety enclosure and bright fun design and a great way for children to get outdoors in the fresh air.

Bouncing up and down on their first 8ft trampoline provides very important cardiovascular exercise, increases balance, coordination and gain overall body strength.

Sportspower have their own Quad Lok frame which allows you to be able to put it up and take it down within minutes but still provides excellent strength in the springs which provide a fantastic bounce.

The springs themselves are strong and connect to the Quad Lok frame which has been galvanised for durability and long life which is extended by being rust resistant due to the galvanisation.

Overall the frame and safety enclosure provide important safety when bouncing but also a quick and convenient storage due to being able to take down quickly.

Children can use this trampoline for hours at a time or maybe as a fort for when they run low on energy and want a lower impact type of outdoor play.


  • A Strong galvanised frame for extra-long strength and life due to being rust resistant.
  • The frames top ring is also galvanised for again, strength, stability and safety
  • Recommended 3 feet of space around the complete edge to allow for the netting to stretch and for children to avoid any nearby hazards especially hard surfaces or objects which could lead to injury.
  • Recommended 8 meters of space above the trampoline
  • Quad Lok frame provides easy access for assembly and disassembly with very strong springs for a wonderful bounce.
  • Assembly time – Estimated 2 hours with 2 adults

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The 8ft Plum Magnitude Trampoline Review


Lets Review the The 8ft Plum Magnitude Trampoline

and Enclosure

One of the most popular trampolines is the 8ft Plum Magnitude trampoline with safety enclosure that has become one of the most talked about. Plum as a company offer incredible fun, high standard and safe trampolines to families and children in the UK but also globally to.

This Plum Magnitude will bring children hours of fun each day and week through the summer months and even some sunny winters days come to that. The exercise children can get when bouncing on a trampoline is one of the best exercises they can do but its also good for us adults on a trampoline that’s big enough but not on this one.

The 8ft trampoline range from Plum and other trampoline manufactures are based for smaller children and ideally for one child at a time due to the semi small size. As your children do grow you may find you do need a larger trampoline in time but this size will stead you well for quite some time.

The Plum Magnitude has Plums excellent 3G safety netting enclosure which has been well thought you to when jumping, children are steered away from what could be dangerous springs if they were to catch themselves on a sharp edge. Of course, every single trampoline has been designed to the highest standard but springs are still best kept out of reach.

Their 3G enclosure system still gives the maximum jumping space so there is no loss of fun, that’s for sure.


Add to this, the galvanised steel that has been used on the frame to aim towards a rust free frame over the years and to keep the strong strength you would expect from a trampoline frame. Additionally, going back to the springs they have been coated in a high quality zinc so the magnitude has a strong frame, safety enclosure and zinc covered springs so a trampoline you can put your trust in for your children.

Also, every single trampoline sold in the UK no matter what the quality has to abide by the European Safety Standards so no metal, coating or materials that are used are substandard, will fray or give off a toxic substance.

Due to a trampoline being a structure you want to keep its shape, the Plum Magnitude Trampoline has legs that are locked and secured with a push button system so they stay in place. To add the springs to the frame, included is a strong but easy to use spring loading tool that allows for the assembly to be easy and stress free.

It’s advised younger children are not to use a trampoline without adult supervision. The netting for this trampoline has an opening of 60cm so please make children away of this limit when getting on and off to also help prevent any injuries getting on and off.

It’s advised you look into purchasing a Magnitude cover for this trampoline as it does not come with one. You can order separately at Madfun and this cover will protect the bouncemat, springs and frame from the elements but also the materials away from animals so there are no tears occurring in the mat.

There is no ladder with this 8ft trampoline so depending on the height and age of your children, it may be worth investing in one so they can at least get on easily even if they do decide to jump down in a safe manner.

Of course, please do not stand this Plum Magnitude on a slope as a trampoline should always go on a flat surface. Additionally, it should ideally 3 foot gap around the edge away from any objects such as a wall to your house, garage, greenhouse, trees and shrubs.

This is incase children do fall off but more importantly, the netting will have a particular amount of give in it before it helps children back into the centre of the trampoline jump area.

Who are PlumPlay?

Plum have been providing outdoor todays such as trampolines, swings, and slides and climbing frames but much more for over 30 years.

Started in 1998, the company was started by a husband and wife and is now a business that has been run as a family business for over 30 years. With running a family and a business at the same time, Jonathan and Diane Schaffer knew and learnt even more about keeping children happy, preoccupied and enjoying life.

We all remember as children, outdoor play was fantastic but you do not tend to see as many children playing outdoors as even a couple of decades ago. This could be down to technology and the games console or even more traffic so it’s safer to play indoors.

However, Plum have a wonderful range of outdoor toys with their wonderful range of trampolines for outdoor fun for pretty much most of the year in the garden. Its vital children receive fresh air, learn life skills, coordination, balance and by using a trampoline, climbing frame or even a wooden playhouse children can have tremendous fun but learn these skills at the same time and lead a much healthier life by bouncing on a trampoline, climbing a climbing frame or even up and down an open area on a scooter or rideon.

PlumPlay now sell their trampolines and other outdoor toys to over 40 countries. They are extremely passionate, experienced and all their toys are super safe and no fun factor has been left unturned.

Here is a photo of the family when they began, the little boy is now the Director of PlumPlay and was just starting school when the company was started. Their customer service is excellent and from a family company has become an international brand.


The Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline and Enclosure



The Zero Gravity Ultima 4 8ft Trampoline with Safety Netting Enclosure is an ideal first trampoline for your family and will fit easily in many gardens. This trampoline at the time of writing comes with a free trampoline for children to easily get on and off the trampoline.

A trampoline is a great piece of equipment for the garden and the bestselling outdoor toy in the United Kingdom, this model has been manufactured to the highest European safety standards and built by a company that has been producing trampolines for over a decade.

As you can see, the Ultima 4 trampolines have a fantastic design and will look great in your garden while children have immense fun jumping up and down, receiving an all over body workout and great cardiovascular benefits. Additionally exercising on a trampoline for children improves other skills such as balance and coordination even if they don’t feel it as they are having so much fun.

Zero Gravity trampolines are a very well respected range of trampolines and far away from low cost, low quality options you may find when searching the internet, these come highly recommended.

The Ultima 4 8ft trampoline as well as their other styles come with the companies patented weldless frame which as you may know being a patent, no other trampoline or outdoor toy manufacturer is allowed to copy in their own toys. The weldless frames they have mean they can supply trampolines throughout the UK with the quality and safety assurance you would hope to find in this range of outdoor toys.

The trampoline enclosure also have a range of safety designs incorporated into it, even though an enclosure is designed for safety in the first place. The netting attached to the enclosure has been attached to sit on the very edge of the jumping area which is then given support by the arched frame uprights. If children were to fall, they would be saved by the netting with the structure of the net given by the top rail which overall holds children on the trampoline and guides them back into the safe jumping area.

To be able to take down the netting in quickly, it has a quick release system which also helps if the weather changes quickly as we know it can in the UK.  Also, when the netting is down it’s a sign to children than their trampoline is not to be used without permission.

The jumping area that will have a huge number of jumps performed on it by your children, is made from a material called Permatron which holds its structure under UltraViolet light and keeps its smooth surface. This is different to lower quality materials which can tend to disintegrate under sunlight over time and cause tears and an uneven surface which could be dangerous. The surface padding is a good 20mm thick and incorporates EPE foam so children do not come in contact with the metal frame.

Mentioned earlier, this trampoline abides the European safety standards, this in particular is standard EN71 and has strict rules on materials to be used. Additionally, under this law the this trampoline has had a intense testing routine performed on it. This included a 500kg user weight during what they call cycle testing. A standard welded trampoline frame can usually crack at around 1 million cycles whichever with their weldless frame, this Zero Gravity trampoline has been tested at over 2.5 million cycles and there was no cracking.

No matter what time of year although summer and spring being paramount, a trampoline is an incredible way for children to receive important exercise. In the day and age of the games console and mobile phone, children are not playing outdoors and gaining fresh and air exercise or new skills. A garden trampoline is a superb way to insure as they grow, they receive both of these benefits and huge list of other benefits we will cover in another article.

The 8ft Plum Magnitude Trampoline and Enclosure



The 8ft Plum Magnitude trampoline is a higher prices trampoline in the 8ft range but keep reading to find out why this is the case.

Plum themselves take incredibly pride in their range of not just trampolines but their range of Outdoor Toys sold in not just the UK but worldwide to. Their trampoline range are of the highest quality, standard and safety.

They have spent three decades designing trampoline and have their own patents on a range of trampoline ideas they have come up with that no other trampoline manufacturer has authority to copy.

This 8ft trampoline that has stock, comes with their 3G system which is one of their patent’s. What this does is expand the bouncing area and increases the safety by the springs being out of reach of children so avoiding any injuries.

Strength wise, the trampoline frame itself comes as galvanised steel which is incredibly strong in comparison to standard steel which can easily rust, buckle and become not just unstable but very unsafe to in a short period of time. Galvanised steel looks to reduce or eliminate this therefore prolonging the frames life and overall life of this excellent 8ft trampoline.

When it comes to strength and reduction of rust, Plum also have their next patent design incorporated into this trampoline. This is their Tramp Klamp system which enables joints to be connected in a way that again protects them from rust compared to standard welded joints that can become vulnerable.

When combinging the galvanised steel frame with their amazing Tramp Klamp system you have a garden trampoline that will last years. This is reflected in their confidence as they offer an incredible 5 years warranty on the frame which is far greater than any other trampoline brand we have come across.

The other parts to the trampoline has a lower but still excellent warranty –

  • Springs – 1 Year
  • Bed – 2 Years
  • Padding – 2 Years
  • Safety Net – 1 Year

Moving on, the springs themselves have a 1 year warranty which we thought would be longer, especially when you take into consideration they have a superior zinc coating to keep their durability when combined with the trampolines jump mat.

When assembling you will find the trampoline legs themselves lock into place with Plums push button locking system. The springs are easy attached to the frame from the bed using the included spring loading tool for easy assembling and the trampoline itself comes flat packed with excellent and easy to follow instructions.

An 8ft trampoline overall is aimed and the younger age range of children which is reflected in the maximum user weight of one children on the trampoline at one time.

The maximum user weight for this Plum Magnitude is 12 stone or 75kg, whichever you are used to. The total space available to jump on this 8ft round Magnitude is 28.3 (Sq. ft.) or 2.6 (Sq. m) with 42 springs providing hours of jumping fun.

The 8ft Springfree Round Trampoline

Here is the fantastic 8ft Springfree trampoline that is the smallest in the range of springfree trampolines and still provides a great amount of space to jump even though is a compact size.

As this is a springfree alternative, the actual jump area of this is actually the same as a standard 10ft trampoline. This is due to requiring any springs which gives added jump area so the space reaches further outwards than a typical trampoline.

Due to not having springs around the edge, this helps when looking to place this trampoline in your garden but still gives ample jumping space.

These trampolines have a unique designed compared to a standard trampoline that uses a significant number of metal springs. Instead, a Springfree trampoline uses flexible rods instead which eliminate the requirement for springs but still give a brilliant smooth and controlled bounce which is great for children of any age.

Additionally, on a Springfree trampoline there is no need for safety padding to protect from springs and a metal frame. This is because their patent system called SoftEdge pad provides the actual protection that if collided into has bene proven to give 30x more absorbent than standard trampoline padding.

Moving on, what you also have is the strong, rigid frame is their Flexinet which is situated below the jump area which is there for any falls and will catch them without injury.

This Springfree Flexinet has been extremely well designed and a great safety enclosure. The enclosure itself has a zip entrance and when children fall, direct them back to the centre of the trampoline so they do not come into contact with the flexible rods.

What we think is amazing is not the design or features but the fact that Springfree offer a 10 year warranty on not just the frame but all of the parts of this trampoline.

The maximum user weight is 12.6 stone or 80kg so a very good option for younger children.

As with all trampolines, it’s recommended that this Springfree trampoline to be placed on grass so give a more cushioned fall if children were to fall when getting on and off. What they have incorporated into their design though is the ability for this to stand in gardens with a gradient of 12% or hard surfaces.

However if the above is the case, please look to place rubber matting under the legs of the trampoline to protect them from damage, friction and scratching.

As its recommended to have breather space around the edge for where the enclosure stretches, please allow a full 14.5ft in all directions when placing in your garden. This gives a 3ft radius around the edge and away from hazards, objects or structures that could cause injury.

When falling into the Flexinet enclosure, it’s designed to extend to catch children but also remember to give 11ft of clearance from the ground when standing this trampoline in your garden.

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