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Cheap Trampolines with Enclosures

Cheap Trampolines with Enclosures

Cheapest Trampolines with Enclosures for Sale

Without doubt cheap trampolines in the UK and Worldwide have always been a means of producing a lot of fun whilst simultaneously helping the user to work out.

They can also be an excellent way of maintaining children’s attention for a good while.  Furthermore if your trampoline has a safety enclosure around it then you will not need to worry too much about accidents occurring and the children getting hurt.

In the scheme of things trampolines are not particularly expensive however if you have a strict budget to keep to or you do not feel you want to spend too much on what is in truth a large toy then consider the following tips to aid you in trying to find cheap trampolines.

However, at Simplyfun we don’t recommended purchasing a low cost trampoline as safety is very important and you get what you pay for, especially if going 2nd hand.

The first tip is to avoid purchasing second hand trampolines if at all possible.  Yes, they may cost less than other models but your difficulty might arise when you try and replace certain parts as they wear out.  Also the overall structure of the frame might be weakened by previous use.

Therefore although admittedly second hand trampolines will be cheaper than buying new it is far better to fork out a few pound more buying a new one where you will know that it is in excellent working order than purchasing a second hand one that may need some expensive replacement parts.

You may not be lucky enough to find new models as cheap as used ones but take your time perusing all the various avenues and it is still possible to find relatively cheap models for sale.  Look online to start with at EBay and other auction sites.

You may find one to your liking and having offered a bid find yourself the lucky owner and at a much less price than normal.  Amazon.com is another useful outlet where you can sometimes pick up a bargain at far less cost than your local high street emporia.

Amazon will also be able to provide details such as reviews by customers and ratings that will enable you to have a really informed decision about the product before you put your hand in your pocket.

Always read the reviews before buying as these do present as the best kind of reference you could ask for.

Bear in mind that there are numerous sizes of trampolines and the smaller they are then the cheaper they will be; logical really.  A trampoline set that includes a safety enclosure will set you back more cash than one without.

Various trampolines will also be different weights so this is something you will need to consider.  The lighter one will cost less and will not cost so much to ship so check the weight of the apparatus.  Remember though that many manufacturers, if you buy new, will deliver the trampoline free of any delivery charge for you.

Hopefully the foregoing will help you find your dream trampoline and at the same time keep within your budgetary constraints.

What’s the Cheapest 8ft Trampoline with Enclosure?

When it comes to what the cheapest 8ft trampoline you can find, its worth looking at other factors as well as how low you can go in the cost of the trampoline

What is a Good Price for a Trampoline?

We believe when it comes to trampolines, you get what you pay for. However you can find trampolines with an 8ft diameter at a little over £120 but paying that little bit more will pay dividends in the trampolines quality, safety and length of life before it needs replacing.

So we have found both quality and a low cost price with the Plum Wave Springsafe 8ft trampoline. Plum themselves are one of the best, if not the best trampoline brand available in the UK. They have a very large and highly respected range of trampolines from 8ft right up to 14th in size.

So, here is the cheapest trampoline we could find from Plum with its bright, vibrant colour scheme and will fit into most small or medium size gardens with ease.

This at the time of writing has over 100 reviews at Amazon and a little over £150 at the time of writing. Its colour is black with yellow enclosure poles and its zipped entrance.

Plum are well known for their patent designs so this means they cannot be copied by other trampoline brands. Here they have their Springsafe 2G enclosure which separates children who are jumping on the trampoline away from the springs so out of harm’s way.

The frame itself is galvanised which has been added to help eliminate the likelihood of rust which can deteriorate the frame easily if the frame was not galvanised.

Around the edge you have the safety padding which covers the frame and the springs and protects children when they are entering and exiting their plum trampoline.

Around the edge of the frame you have added strength provided by the top rim and adds to the overall durability.

When it comes to those who are bouncing on this trampoline, the maximum weight it can handle is 60kg. We recommend only one person to be bouncing at one time so this also means one child at a time or this maximum weight could easily be exceeded.

Assembly is to be achieved in around 2 hours with 2 adults performing the installation. Recommended age for jumping on this trampoline is 6 years or older with adult supervision at all times highly recommended.

Where to Buy –


Cheapest 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure

We have had a look around for the cheapest 10ft trampoline with enclosure and this is what we found.

Here is the 10ft trampoline from Smythstoys.com, at the time of writing being £149 however this may have changed by the time you read this review.

You can have both fun and exercise in the back garden when children have their own medium sized garden trampoline such as this option. Each of the materials used are high quality, great design and safety features.

With the materials being excellent quality, this will pay dividends in both durability and life length so years of use to be had.

The safety enclosure has a 15mm thick safety padding which will help keep all children who use this, safe when playing outdoors. The net is included and as does an excellent job in preventing children from falling from the trampoline to the ground.

This enclosure is held together keeping its shape by 6 upright enclosure bars which produce an eye pleasing curve away from the netting which reduces bumps.

The trampolines frame is a strong 38 x 1.2mm steel frame that holds together the structure, giving safety, long life and durability with a rust resistant finish to help reduce rust itself which can cause weakness if it was to take hold.

At the bottom it has 3 strong wide legs which provide a stable base and holds its own when children are bouncing.

The bounce itself is produces via the strong springs which are coated in a layer of zinc, again for durability and long life. This zinc layer always protects the springs from rust and connect to the trampoline mat which is UV resistant so will not deteriorate under sunlight.

When assembling this 10ft garden trampoline, please allow 2 hours and to be achieved by 2 adults.

Features –

  • 1 x 10ft trampoline and safety enclosure with netting
  • 6 safety enclosure bars providing shape and strong support
  • Strong steel 38 x 1.2mm galvanised frame for long life and durability
  • Wide legs providing the base and stability
  • 15mm protective safety padding covering the springs for children’s protection
  • Zinc coated springs for rust protection and a longer life and great bounce
  • 100kg Maximum user weight
  • Dimensions – 305Lx253H cm
  • Tie down kit and ladder sold separately

What’s the Cheapest 12ft Trampoline with Enclosure

Even though we recommended purchasing a trampoline from a reputable trampoline retailer, here’s a range of trampoline’s that cost under £200 and have great customer feedback.

WangKangyi Low Cost Trampoline

If you are looking for a cheap trampoline then please bear in mind you can regularly get what you pay for, however looking for a trampoline that’s low cost would ideally be under the £200 unless you are looking for a 2nd hand trampoline.

We have had a look around and found these which could suit your budget and still give great fun for your children.

First we have the Wangkangyi 6ft trampoline which still comes with an important safety net even though the price is lower than many high quality mainstream and very popular trampoline manufactures you may have heard of.

This 6ft trampoline with enclosure has a zipper in the net to allow access and to secure the netting when the kids are jumping up and down. This helps prevent children from falling off and as you can tell, wraps all the way around the trampoline.

Even though many trampoline manufactures and retailers suggest only one child should bounce on a trampoline at once for safety, this Wangkangyi trampoline has been stated to be able to take up to 300kg so it can easily take three children to bounce to their hearts content at the same time.

The frame is made from stainless steel so should last a good amount of years and hopefully have minimal ruse as the surface has been galvanised which has ant-rust properties.

The safety net which we have already mentioned is made from a high density nylon that also has sun protection and highly resistance to tearing. The mesh has been designed to be significantly see through so parents can easily keep an eye on children who are using the trampoline.

The nylon has been quoted to be high quality but a stretchable fibre that has a good amount of elasticity to it and not easy to break.

On a cheap low cost trampoline these are great features with all in all a great way for children to have fun, fresh air and a great amount of exercise using so many muscles and bones of the body for long-term health

At the time of writing, this has got 4.3 out of 5 stars at Amazon with 52 customer ratings.

Bounce Area85 (sq .ft) or 7.9 (sq. m)
Number of Springs112
Spring Length7.5" (19cm)
Pad Thickness30mm
Frame Diameter38mm
Top Rail Height95cm
Maximum User Weight19 Stone or 120kg
Spring Warranty2 Years
Pad Warranty2 Years
Net Warranty2 Years
Bed Warranty2 Years

Where to Buy –


The MCC Trampoline (8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft Sizes)

This low cost trampoline comes from MCC and has a range of sizes which include 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft so options depending on the age of your children and the size of your garden.

We have mentioned is a safety area that as a parent you should always take into consideration. You will be pleased to hear that the safety netting on this MCC trampoline has a cylindrical zipper protective net which when zipped shut, will prevent children falling off the trampoline and possibly causing injury.

With the higher prices trampolines we are always very happy to see when they come with a galvanised steel frame. This is also the case with this trampoline as it also comes with galvanised steel to produce a very strong frame that will help prevent rust and give it a longer life span compared to standard steel frames.

Additionally, this trampoline also comes with a UV resistance bounce mat which basically means that sunlight will not weaken or deteriorate the matting over time which can cause tears, cuts or an uneven surface which again could lead to trips, falls and possible injury whilst on the trampoline.

Metal springs which are zinc coated are, used to produce the bounce are a common issue. Again on the safety of children whilst jumping, this has been taken into consideration with elastic strap covering the springs so children will not catch their feet on them.

The maximum user weight for each of the trampoline sizes is as follows –

  • 6ft (150kg) – 23.6 stone
  • 8ft (150kg) – 23.6 stone
  • 10ft (200kg) – 31.4 stone
  • 12ft (250kg) – 39 stone
  • 14ft (250kg) – 39 stone

When MCC say heavy duty, we didn’t realise how much until you look at the maximum user weight which are very large maximum weight numbers.

It’s recommended you take the total diameter of the trampoline you are interested in and add 1.5 meters on each side of the trampoline on top of the full diameter which for each trampoline size are –

  • 6ft (1.83m) – Space Required – 4.83 meters
  • 8ft (2.44m) – Space Required – 5.44 meters
  • 10ft (3.05m) – Space Required – 6.05 meters
  • 12ft (3.66m) – Space Required – 6.66 meters
  • 14ft (4.27m) – Space Required – 7.27 meters

Even better, this comes with a free ladder to make climbing up and off of the trampoline much safer. Even better on top, this MCC trampoline comes with a free space hopper for even more fun in the garden.

A little odd but the recommended age of children is of the age of 3 upwards. We have been advised by trampoline manufacturers and read healthy reports that children from the age of 6 upwards should be suitable for garden trampolines due to their body development and strain of bouncing on their body if under 6 years of age.

The LBLA 4.5ft Trampoline for Under 6 Year Olds

If your children are at the age of 6 or younger, then this is one very good option indeed when looking for a low priced trampoline.

At 4.5ft which is advertised as 55”, this LBLA kids trampoline is perfect for the youngsters who’s bodies are not developed enough for an 8ft trampoline or later. If a child under the age of 6 were to bounce on a 8ft trampoline, their bodies and development could suffer due to the softness of bond density until they are a little older.

This low cost trampoline gives younger children a great start in the bouncing fun journey in the garden so as well as having immense fun, can start to develop a range of motor skills, balance and coordination.

On an additional health side, the benefits of outdoor play are tremendous bringing fresh air and sunshine which we all know is great for vitamin D and a great immune system development. As children bounce on this LBLA trampoline their skills and strength develops and trains their limbs and stabiliser muscles to work together.

Even though this is a small trampoline, we still recommend a significant amount of space to be left around the complete diameter such as 1m in the event of a child falling to the ground which of course is limited all the same by the included safety enclosure.

Each trampolines design is different, with this 4.5ft trampoline you have a protective mesh rather than standard netting which protects children and additionally has a zipped door for added security when they are having fun with their outdoor play. Even though adult supervision is highly recommended, the zipped door gives extra peace of mind children are safe.

Please note the top screw has been advised by LBLA to be tightened to make sure the netting from falling down.

The maximum weight for this trampoline is 100lb which is 7 stone and if you use kg, the equivalent to 45kg. Please do not allow children over this weight to use it as the netting will bottom out and hit the ground of possible rip with either or both scenario’s possible causing injury to a child’s foot, ankle, leg, hips or multiple areas of the body.

When it comes to the bouncing, this is achieved with the jump pad which is made of Polypropylene material which has been advised is the safest material for a trampoline mat. They are created by heavily woken fibres to produce a strong structure. This structure is then thermally bonded to establish a much smoother surface that can be durable, flex a stretch when stress is applied upon it.

If your children are under the age of 6 then this is a great cheap trampoline alternative until they are old enough for a more standard 8ft trampoline for children over the age of 6.

Whats the Cheapest 8ft Trampoline with Enclosure?

We have had a look around the internet for the cheapest 8ft Trampoline with Enclosure using a range of retailers.

Our search was to use a series of factors in deciding on a reliable, safe trampoline that comes with an enclosure but will not cost over £200. However, please bear in mind that with a trampoline or outdoor toy, you are going to get what you pay for.

This is in no disrespect to the garden trampoline we have chosen but we have a range of retailers such as Madfun.co.uk for extremely high quality trampolines however as you are here, you are looking for a cheap trampoline with an enclosure so let’s look at what we found.

So we have –

The Kanga 8ft Premium Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, along with a ladder and anchor kit.

This may not strike you but to us this is superb as many trampoline retailers and manufacturers don’t tend to include a ladder, some do but we have found that the majority don’t. This is a shame when you are spending a couple of hundred pounds, a ladder and anchor kit is not going to add to the cost but many don’t include one.

Kanga though, have included a ladder which provides that little extra safety benefit to assist children in climbing onto trampoline. The anchor kit itself is to tie down the trampoline so it doesn’t move but also it does not blow over in strong winds. We have all seen at some point, photos of storms where families have ended up with the trampoline blown over, or even blown away.

On Kanga’s page at Amazon where we have seen this trampoline they talk about the additional accessories, also mention how jumping on a trampoline offers awesome fitness benefits. Their trampoline is easy to assemble and provide YouTube videos on how to do this along with the instructions included.

There are many higher priced trampolines that offer 100kg or more as a maximum user weight. Even though this is under £150, this still has a superb 100kg user weight so is available to use for any child in your family and of any age.

However, please do not allow more than one child on at the same time, not only is this dangerous due to collisions but you will find you will max out the maximum weight and not only possibly break the trampoline but also this is dangerous as the pad could bottom out and children’s limbs hit the ground or the trampoline collapses.

8ft JumpPRO™ Xcite Green Round Trampoline with Enclosure

Available and Madfun.co.uk, we have here the 8ft JumpPRO™ Xcite Green Round Trampoline that comes as standard with a safety enclosure and netting.

You have a total jump area of 28.3 (Sq. ft.) or 2.6 (Sq. m) with the bounce created by the high quality bed combined with the 72 strong springs.

At well under £250 this is a fantastic option for not just your first trampoline but a low cost option for your children and their friends. With its green and black look, as you can see this will blend in and sit well in any garden.

Even though this is a small trampoline at 8ft, the specification for maximum user weight has been incorporated into this trampoline as well as all the trampolines in their range. The maximum user weight is a fantastic 23 stone which equates to 150kg.

As you can probably tell from those specs, this means the 8ft JumpPRO is a trampoline for all the family and not just limited to children. Any one person can jump on this trampoline at one time but please do not use the maximum as a combination of two children at one time.

JumpPRO as well most trampoline brands and ourselves at Simplyfun advise only one jumper at one time. This will eliminate collisions which happen very easily and there are 1000s of accidents each year so please only one person at a time on your trampoline.

If you have looked around at the ranges available you may have seen galvanised frames mentioned. This also has a galvanised frame as standard with a 1 year warranty, the galvanisation improves the frames strength tremendously and helps to keep rust at bay.

With a round trampoline you will find you have bounceback which guides the bouncer to the middle of the trampoline and away from the edges, this middle area is referred to as the sweet spot.

The design of this Xcite trampoline is brilliant, with the metal springs on the outside of the netting which means they are out of harm’s way when children or adults and bouncing. To add extra safety to the included netting, you have the zipped entrance and exit which can be sealed entering the trampoline to again help prevent anyone falling off.

When you combined a sleek looking trampoline, galvanised frame, protected springs and excellent maximum user weight you have one magnificent low cost or even classed as a cheap garden trampoline.

Where to Buy –



What’s the cheapest 10ft trampoline with enclosure?

Cheap 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure Information

When you look for the lowest priced 10ft trampoline with enclosure, we do recommend you look and cover a range of safety specifications before investing in any 10ft trampoline.

Of course, a trampoline with an enclosure is a must and all new trampolines in the UK by law should include one. However, buying 2nd hand is another matter so if you do look for a used trampoline then please only chose one where the seller has included the safety netting and enclosure as these are extremely important.

So let’s move onto what we think is the best and cheapest 10ft trampoline that would suit your and so many families. The 10ft Zero Gravity trampoline we highly recommend as the cheapest trampoline as with many products you buy, you tend to get what you pay for.

This is the same with trampolines with a range of manufactures being prominent in the outdoor toy market. Zero Gravity are a company that offer exceedingly high quality trampolines but with a low cost price tag and do not skimp on the safety design and features.

At under £300 this is an amazing trampoline with a Grade “A” Permatron bounce mat that will hold its test of time and not disintegrate or deteriorate under ultra violet light so sunlight will not affect its quality or durability.

If you are in a hurry then you will find the easy to drop safety enclosure a great additional to their design and even better, this comes with a FREE ladder so children can easily climb on the trampoline and down again if they wish.

Even though this is a strong 14ft trampoline we find the maximum user weight is not as high as other trampolines from other companies but the 100kg/15st 7lb is high enough for any child to be able to use this trampoline but only one child at a time. It also means many adults will not be able to enjoy this trampoline but if you are looking for a high quality but cheap trampoline then this is what to expect.

Where to Buy –


The 10ft JumpPRO Xcite Round Trampoline

A little cheaper than the above trampoline, we have the 10ft JumpPRO Xcite Green Round Trampoline and enclosure, a great sleek design and low cost price.

Again as with all of the JumpPRO range, you have a maximum user weight that is significant enough for both children and adults to bounce on this trampoline (however not as the same time, for safety reasons).

The overall available jump space available for this JumpPRO is 65.76 (Sq.ft) or 6.11 (Sq.m) with the maximum user weight is an excellent 19 stone or 120kg. This means all children of any age can bounce on this trampoline as well as many adults to.

Please take note, it is advised by the trampoline industry and us at Simplyfun that only one child or adult on the trampoline at one time, this will eliminate any collisions between two people on it at the same time.

JumpPRO have listened to their customers and the trampoline industry throughout, to design and provide a range of trampolines that’s superb for the UK market and every family budget.

This medium sized garden trampoline provides 9ft of jumping space and comes with the very popular and high quality galvanised frame which increases the strength of the frame as well as protecting the frame itself from rust.

If rust was to take effect, it can easily weaken a frame and lead to a shorter life but also could cause safety issues.

As well as the strength of the galvanisation, JumpPRO have also included green coloured safety padding which protects children when colliding with the frame but overall, gives it a great look in your garden.

With a round trampoline, the way the springs all work together you have the bounce back and sweet spot, this is where the trampoline will guide the bounce back to the middle no matter where they bounce on this round trampoline.

Safety as you can appreciate is extremely important, so you will be pleased to hear that the springs are actually enclosure outside of the safety netting and out of reach of children, or adults come to that.

Each year in the UK there are 1000s of trampoline related accidents, so this alone from the JumpPRO Company is a tremendous move to keep its used safe.

JumpPRO as a company have three different shaped trampolines, round being the most popular as well as rectangular and oval available. On each of their trampolines you have the enclosure covered in a protective foam which gives it its final slick appearance and still at an affordable price.

With the galvanised frame, padding, protected springs you have a 10ft trampoline here that will last you family years of both fun and important outdoor exercise for the whole family.

Remember a trampoline is a brilliant want for children to play outdoors and receive such important fresh air, cadivascular health as well as an increase in a childs coordinate, balance and gain an increase in strength to.

Where to Buy –


The TP Challenger 10ft Trampoline and Enclosure

One of the lowest prices but exceedingly good quality 10ft trampolines is from TPToys. The company is an extremely respected UK trampoline and outdoor toy company, here with their Challenger 10ft trampoline and under £230 at the time or writing.

Ideally this is for the age of 6 upwards due to the strength of the bounce mat and young children’s limbs are not strong enough so please if you children are under 6, look for a trampoline designed for their age range.

Many of the trampoline brands in the UK have their own individual designs and patents in relation to their designs and features. With the TP Challenger, they have their SurroundSafe Enclosure. This safety feature of theirs results in children being out of reach of the springs so looking to eliminate any possible spring related injuries.

Finishing off the Surroundsafe system, they have added a high quality padding to the top rail which will protect children heads if they bounce high enough. The top rail itself also provides the shape to the trampoline which as you can see from the images, is pretty stylish.

Strength is provided by the high standard galvanised frame which if standard steel was used, rust would take effect. With a galvanised frame, rust is kept at bad but also significant strength compared to a standard frame but also the frame can take on a much more vigorous workout from whoever is bouncing.

The springs are very good, responsive and give a great bounce and fun experience with outdoor play. Connected to the springs, you have the trampoline mat which is immune to Ultra Violet light so this will not deteriorate over time whereas lower quality materials may well do.

Any trampoline in the UK is obliged by law to come with a safety enclosure and the included netting. To give an extra safety benefit, the netting has a zipped entrance/exit which will seal the netting when the trampoline is in use.

Many trampoline brands do not include any accessories which is the same here, so a ladder, cover and tie down kit is purchased separately from TPToys but you do gain a 20% discount when you order all three together.

Sportspower 10ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline with Enclosure

Now this is a low cost option for a cheap trampoline, the 10ft Sportspower trampoline seen here at the time of writing is under £170. With over 1000 reviews, this has a 5 star rating at Argos which can be seen HERE.

Ourdoor play is incredibly good exercise for children, especially on a garden trampoline. This has a Quad Lok style frame and advised it’s very easy to setup or even take down and comes with very strong springs for some fantastic bouncing.

Many trampolines now no matter what their size come with a galvanised frame, this Sportspower trampoline is no different. The galvanised frame comes as standard with the safety enclosure which by law, each trampoline brand is to provide to you and your family.

This trampoline and frame can easily be stored and then used as a fort when not in use. Rust will be kept at bay by the already mentioned galvanisation. Without this, rust with easily cause weakness in the frame and limit its life of use but also it could become unstable or unsafe.

At the top of the frame you have the top right which again provides extra strength and safety but also gives the trampoline its shape.

When in use, it’s recommended you keep a 3ft or 2meter clear around all around the trampoline. This allows for the netting to stretch when it’s fallen into, so children do not collide with any nearby hazards or objects which could cause injury.

Sportspower advice their 10ft trampoline will take you around 2 hours to assemble with 2 adults performing the assembly.

Let’s go over the features and included accessories –

  • Safety pads providing protection to children and are also weather resistant
  • Size dimensions – H250, W305, D305cm.
  • Diameter – 305cm
  • Weight – 48.5kg
  • Maximum User Weight – 100kg or 15 ½ stone
  • Maximum children at one time – 1
  • Recommended Safety Buffer – 2m or 3ft
  • Self Assembly -2 hours
  • Safety Enclosure and netting included
  • 6 years of age upwards
  • 2 year guarantee on the frame
  • Folded size H66, W305, D305cm.
  • Packaged in 2 boxes.
  • Largest box size H21, W125, D38cm.

Examples of 5 Star Reviews

  • When you read the reviews, you will find some incredibly happy customers. Those who have had this trampoline a month, the best one they have had in years.
  • One parent wrote that their son has disabilities and he loves this trampoline.
  • A present for children of all ages from parents to grandparents such as a boys 6th

4 Star Review Examples

  • One customer didn’t realise how large a 10ft trampoline was and had to return it but they didn’t have an 8ft size available.
  • A little different getting some of the screws in
  • A little expensive considering you don’t get an anchor kit, cover or ladder with it
  • Not as sturdy as their last trampoline but it will be fine for their children’s age
  • 4 hours to assemble as holes needed to be drilled for the screws to fit

3 Star Reviews

  • The trampoline had a hole within a week
  • The predrilled holes were wrong and needed a power tool to correct them.
  • Ladder, Anchor kit or cover not included
  • Does not feel sturdy
  • Fiddly cord fasten at the bottom of the net

Cheap 14ft Trampoline with Enclosure



One of the most popular trampolines, the 14ft Zero Gravity has now arrived to take this great range of trampolines to the next level with a huge 14ft diameter and great for large gardens. Included when you buy this from Madfun.co.uk is a FREE ladder which are very important for assisting children to climb onto this monster of a garden trampoline.

As with most of the trampoline brands available in the UK, Zero Gravity have their own range of patent features that no other trampoline brand are allowed to copy or use without permission.

They have their patent weldless frame which takes the joints of the trampoline frame and connects them without any welding. If there was to be rust over time, the joints would not weaken due to their weldless frame state of the art design.

With this 14ft trampoline you have a “A” grade Permatron bounce mat which will keep its durability and quality under UV light (Sunlight) whereas lower quality inferior materials such as PE can easily lose their quality, durability and actual safety benefits over time. Any tears, rips or inconsistencies in the jumping mat could lead to trips or falls so hazardous when bouncing on a trampoline.

You may not may not be aware that any brand new trampoline no matter what size is by law, to include a safety enclosure with included safety netting or mesh. Any enclosure is going to reduce the falls from a trampoline significantly so if you do actually happen to purchase 2nd hand, it’s also worthwhile to make sure that also comes with an enclosure.

With the 14ft Trampoline from Zero Gravity you have their easy to drop, state of the art safety enclosure that can be taken down in minutes. This helps a great deal when the weather suddenly changes or you wish the trampoline to be out of bounds to children so easily shows the trampoline is not to be used.

With the enclosure itself, what they have done is to connect the netting on the very edge of the trampoline. This is then supported by the arced uprights which connect to the top right and overall give the trampoline its pleasing shape and structure.

As mentioned above, the ladder is included for FREE which will reduce the issue of children falling backward to the ground when climbing onto their large round trampoline.

The materials used are extremely high quality with decades of experience within the team of designing and providing trampolines to your family and thousands of others around the UK.  No longer do Zero Gravity supply low priced trampolines, instead you totally get a trampoline and a price matches the superior skill and quality outdoor toy you would expect.

Padding has been used throughout the trampoline using 20mm thick EPE foam which protects children from the springs as well as the frame itself.

You may not be aware but it is worth knowing that all new outdoor trampoline sold in the United Kingdom by law, should come with a safety enclosure and the included netting. This compliance is due to the EN71 certification all trampolines need to pass on their safety tests before being released on sale for you and many other families to enjoy.

What Zero Gravity have done to put their trampolines through a stress test is to use a 500kg weight via a cycle test with these tests performed 2.5 million times which resulted in no cracking of their Zero Gravity trampoline frames.

Normally, a safety test should incorporate a minimum of 1,000,000 cycles so 2,500,000 is fantastic. Normally a welded trampoline frame would show signs of cracking after the 1 million cycles but this is not the case with the stress cycle testing for their 14ft trampoline.

There are a range of very trusted trampoline Brands, however Zero Gravity’s customer service has exceptionally good feedback from customers. They can be contacted on (01264 771247) and very happy to help with the buying process right through to assembling your trampoline and any queries you may have.

Their assembly guide is very good indeed but if you do need assistance then feel free to give them a ring.

When you receive this 14ft trampoline it will come in 3 different flat packed boxes. The first being 118.11 x 48.26 x 17.78cms (29.5kgs) with the second being 118.11 x 44.45 x 12.7cms (25kgs) and the third box is 118.11 x 44.45 x 12.7cms (28.6kgs).

Before we leave it there, trampolines are a fantastic outdoor toy for the garden where children of all ages can enjoy fresh air, fun and gain exceptional mobility, coordination and balance skills that no other outdoor you can offer. Additionally, they will gain strength in the legs, glutes, back and shoulders so a great all over exercise and workout.

The trampolines themselves can be left outside all year round although we do recommended you invest in a trampoline cover to minimise any damage from the elements as well as animals and just general damage over its lifetime.

EnclosureNylon Safety Net
Max Bearing Capacity300kg
Max Children3
FrameStainless Steel

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